KP is a ride-or-die story strategist and editor who will help
you get your work across the finish line, end of story.

KP is a ride-or-die story strategist and editor who will help you get your work across the finish line, end of story.

She’s available for developmental editing, book doctoring, and coaching + creative collaboration on books and keynote speeches.



With a laser focus on big picture story and structure elements, developmental editing is an author’s best asset to creating a highly referrable book and elevating a manuscript to a legacy masterpiece.

What you receive:

  1. Validation of the material’s core message.
  2. Confirmation of the reader’s journey and connection with your ideal reader throughout the material.
  3. Identifies where the structure, organization and flow can better align with the material’s core message, transformation and the ideal reader. 
  4. Clarity on where you’re at and what you need to move forward.
  5. Inline notes on your manuscript
  6. Editorial letter and roadmap to your next crucial steps to uplevel your manuscript
  7. Editorial meeting to answer all your questions and confirm your next steps. 
  8. Validation of your idea, execution in current manuscript, and path forward. 



A cross between developmental editing and ghostwriting, hiring a book (or script) doctor helps you get the project finished with a pro set of eyes on an accelerated timeline.

Clients who reach their limit, have competing priorities or simply have burned out on or just don’t enjoy writing and want to finish their manuscript will have me doctor it for them. In this capacity, I implement the changes laid out in the developmental pass, upon the author’s agreement and/or discussion of changes. 

As you’ve already written the first (or second or third or fourth) draft manuscript, this is the best case scenario for ensuring the preservation of your voice while moving the project along.

What you receive:

  1. Done for you reassessment of the core message
  2. Done for you restructure / re-alignment of chapters
  3. Done for you assessment of length, relevance and tone of supporting research and stories 
  4. Done for you review of length, relevance and tone of author’s personal connection and story (if applicable) and supporting anecdotes
  5. Potentially, done for you bringing forward ideas or concepts initially presented as supporting ideas but are really bigger than that. 
  6. Done for you finessing of your core message, reader journey and audience tailoring
  7. More as identified in the developmental pass.

Coaching & Creative Collaboration 

If you are a planner and/or a talker-outer, coaching and creative collaboration can help you DIY with expert guidance. This is where we meet, talk through where you’re stuck or what doesn’t feel quite right yet, and blow through it like a blast of dynamite.  We can record and transcribe [blows a kiss to], spitball, brainstorm, map out action items for the next year, the next week or the next day. 

I encourage observation, not judgment. I can help you figure out how you work best, based on my work with hundreds of other writers, and help you capitalize on your unique strengths and minimize or pinch-hit in areas that are holding you back from achieving your full editorial, publishing and stage genius.

What you receive:

  1. Live meetings to discuss your career and script/manuscript goals
  2. Review of scripts or excerpts
  3. Live collaboration and/or private work on script
  4. Coaching and instruction on before & after versions of stories
  5. Supportive notes on how to further clarify or elevate the work


Typical Process once we decide we’re a fit: 

  1. Inventory interview. I send you a questionnaire with a thorough list of questions about where you’re at with the book, your hopes and aspirations, your goals, sensitivities, concerns and questions. I like to have all of these things in mind as I do the read. 
  2. Read + write notes.
  3. Deliver your editorial letter with the top 10-15 things to take your manuscript to the next level. 
  4. Editorial meeting. One to 1.5 hours to review notes, answer questions and assess next steps. 

Once agreed and payment is received, I schedule 7-14 days to complete a developmental pass, craft your editorial letter and meet with you. You don’t want to wait 4 to 8 weeks and neither do I!! I do an immersive style process where I focus on nothing but your book or script. I keep an Olympian style regimen of nutrition, movement and rest for optimal cognitive and creative performance. 

How I Work


 Lower than a New Yorker, higher than a tiki hut dweller. Best bet is to discuss your project live and take it from there.

What it’s like to work with KP

“She is fast and fearless on the page. Kristina is a badass at what she does.”

Valerie Plame

Former CIA Operative, Author, "Fair Game"

“Kristina is a visionary who gets the whole picture.
She helped keep my book in motion through concept to the first draft, edits to completion. When she offers support or suggestions, it’s so constructive. She was my cheerleader and co-pilot on the sometimes-lonely path of a writer!”

Catherine DeMonte

Author, Psychotherapist, Creator of Abundance Circles

“Kristina makes any project better at every level from concept, structure to the detailed, final product. Very few people can provide both high level and tactical assistance, and none of them are as great to work with as she is. Find a way to collaborate with her, and you’ll kick yourself for not having done so sooner.”

Jay Baer

New York Times Bestselling Author, Hall of Fame Speaker and Emcee

“KP made me love writing again.”

Josh Rensch

Application Engineer, HPS Grad Student & Tortilla Chip Expert

“KP is a go-to story strategist. If you want a personality bigger than life, she’ll be there with a tire pump and a rocket launcher. She exceeds goals and is a blast to work with.”
Art Buser

Former Managing Director, Fortune 500 Company