Telling great stories is not just my career – it’s my calling. 

What I do is sacred work. As book doctor, editor and writing coach, my role spans many facets: confidante, surgeon, assassin, cheerleader, therapist, sherpa, doula, vault manager, motivator, validator, and ideator.

Hiring me provides creative insurance and anxiety outsourcing for your project. 

Here are the ways to work with me.

Development Editing

Developmental editing is an author’s #1 asset in creating a successful book and elevating it into a best seller. It is the ultimate validation of your idea, execution, and path forward.

What I do for you:

  1. Validate the material’s core message.
  2. Confirm the reader’s journey and connection with your ideal reader throughout the material.
  3. Identify where the structure, organization and flow can better align with the material’s core message, transformation and the ideal reader. 
  4. Clarify where you’re at and what you need to move forward.
  5. Provide inline notes on your manuscript.
  6. Address your questions and concerns.
  7. Design your roadmap forward and confirm your next steps.

Book Doctoring

If you’ve reached your limit, have competing priorities, are burned out, or just don’t enjoy writing, it’s time for some book Rx. In this capacity, I implement the changes laid out in the developmental pass for you. This ensures the preservation of your voice while moving the project forward on an accelerated timeline.

What I do for you:

  1. Finesse your core message and reader journey 
  2. Confirm your ideal reader and align the material with his or her needs
  3. Implement the agreed core message as a cohesive theme throughout
  4. Re-structure and re-align chapters
  5. Assess length, relevance and tone of supporting research and stories 
  6. Review your personal connection and story (if applicable), along with supporting anecdotes
  7. Bring forward ideas or concepts initially presented as supporting ideas (if applicable)
  8. Perform a final review for structure, cohesion, and referability.

Coaching & Creative Collaboration

I can help you capitalize on your unique strengths and minimize or pinch-hit in areas that are holding you back from achieving your full editorial, publishing, and stage potential.

What I do for you:

  1. Host live meetings to discuss your career and script/manuscript goals
  2. Review your script/manuscript outlines or excerpts
  3. Collaborate live or privately on your script/manuscript hot spots
  4. Offer coaching and instruction on before & after versions of stories or sections
  5. Help you ideate and align your core marketing assets with your offerings
  6. Provide supportive notes on how to further clarify or elevate your work.

My Process

Typical process once we decide we’re a fit: 

  1. I send you a questionnaire with a thorough list of questions about where you’re at with your book, speech or project, your hopes and aspirations, your goals, sensitivities, concerns and questions. I like to have all of these things in mind as I do the first read of the material.
  2. Upon payment and receipt, I read your manuscript + provide written (digital) notes on your pages.
  3. I deliver an editorial letter with the top 10-15 things to take your manuscript to the next level. 
  4. We have an editorial meeting via Zoom. One to 1.5 hours to review notes, answer questions and create your action plan. 

I have an immersive style process. This means I focus on nothing but your book or script. Once we agree on the terms and payment is received, I schedule 7-14 days to complete a developmental pass, craft your editorial letter and meet with you.

How I Work

I offer packages in two different increments of time: either 20 or 40 hours. As my client, you can direct the use of that time in the proportion of services you wish. This way, if you want more of a DFY approach, you can have it. At the same time, if you want more support, you can tell me that, too. 

A developmental edit is typically 20 hours for a 50-60k word manuscript. Most authors need two developmental passes, and I offer a small price break when you sign up and invest for them both up front. 

If there’s an extra hour or four left over, I can help with additional assets like lead magnet ideation, your web site, launch plan, street team activities, outreach, your bio, book or talk summary, book cover guidance, or marketing assets.

Over the years, I’ve found that this is the simplest and most straightforward way to work. 

I hold a strict no-interruption zone, track time in 15-minute increments, and can keep you posted on progress as much or as little as you want. 

Working with a bank of hours helps us co-manage your precious resources, set priorities and might even give you a few extras that are most meaningful to you. 

What it’s like to work with KP

“She is fast and fearless on the page. Kristina is a badass at what she does.”

Valerie Plame

Former CIA Operative, Author, "Fair Game"

“Kristina is a visionary who gets the whole picture.
She helped keep my book in motion through concept to the first draft, edits to completion. When she offers support or suggestions, it’s so constructive. She was my cheerleader and co-pilot on the sometimes-lonely path of a writer!”

Catherine DeMonte

Author, Psychotherapist, Creator of Abundance Circles

“Kristina makes any project better at every level from concept, structure to the detailed, final product. Very few people can provide both high level and tactical assistance, and none of them are as great to work with as she is. Find a way to collaborate with her, and you’ll kick yourself for not having done so sooner.”

Jay Baer

New York Times Bestselling Author, Hall of Fame Speaker and Emcee

“KP made me love writing again.”

Josh Rensch

Application Engineer, HPS Grad Student & Tortilla Chip Expert

“KP is a go-to story strategist. If you want a personality bigger than life, she’ll be there with a tire pump and a rocket launcher. She exceeds goals and is a blast to work with.”
Art Buser

Former Managing Director, Fortune 500 Company