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A gutsy guide that shows you how to apply
the principles of Hollywood screenwriting to
real life in order to accomplish your goal
and achieve your wildest dreams.

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About The Author

Kristina Paider

Kristina Paider

Kristina Paider is a world-class marketer and storyteller. Her company, The Hollywood Approach, is a platform that leverages the art and neuroscience of story to help people accelerate results in their business and life.

KP’s executive track record includes overseeing the marketing and research for a $10 billion global hotel advisory company and prior to that, two hotel tech companies, all while moonlighting as a screenwriter. Her crime-thriller script is in the works. Her book is out. She travels by motorcycle, jumps into waterfalls and is a guest chocolate chef.

Early Praise for “The Hollywood Approach”

"I love this book; it’s not a book but a continued inspiration for a life lived and yet to come."

Kathryn Bolkovac

Former US Police Investigator, Author, "The Whistleblower: Sex Trafficking, Military Contractors, and One Woman's Fight for Justice"

"Kristina Paider has a brilliant idea: use the same strategies that screenwriters and movie producers use to make us love and identify with our favorite Hollywood stars to help people draft and craft their own real-life stories."

LouAnne Johnson

Former Marine, Author, "My Posse Don't Dc Homework," adapted to the film "Dangerous Minds"

"I have led the research into the brain science of story—how the human brain relies on story elements to make sense, and to create meaning, from narrative and experience.

Kristina’s book is a masterful and accurate application of that story science to the process of designing and scripting a life. Tightly and powerfully written, it is a delight to dive into with a steady flow of pearls to find on each dive."

Kendall Haven

Master Storyteller, Researcher and Author, "StoryProof: The Science Behind The Startling Power of Story"

"A perfect pairing of fact and feeling, Kristina Paider's "The Hollywood Approach" weaves together strategies for personal fulfillment and success from the big screen, her masterclass clients, and, most poignantly of all, from her own life.

More than just breaking down the building blocks used by screenwriters to advance their characters towards their goals, Kristina anticipates our doubts and helps us uncover and overcome our toughest roadblocks.

She reminds us to rediscover and explore our own personal stories while drawing insights from our silverscreen heroines and heroes."

Shauna Hemingway

Former Ambassador of Canada to the Dominican Republic

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“The job of a CIA operative is similar to the book’s approach. It’s a little glamorous and all about knowing your mind is your best weapon to achieve your goals.”

Valerie Plame

Former CIA Operative, Author, Fair Game

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