Hollywood Approach Trailer – 1 minute

Kristina is available for talks and workshops for 30 minutes to a 2-day virtual experience, live or pre-recorded for your team and organization.
She will dissect how and why stories work, how to amplify your marketing with stories, and how to massively improve the effectiveness of your content as a result.

Menu of Workshops and Keynotes

The Hollywood Approach to Storytelling in Business
Master the art of character DNA in storytelling to keep your clients active, engaged and excited to hear from you.
The Science of Story
Win more customers with exceptionalcontent that engages your audience and wins more business.
How to Bulletproof Your Game Plan with SH!T Goes Wrong
Building a More Robust Brand with Narrative
Execute better dialogue, improve customer engagement and create a more loyal following.

See Kristina’s NATO Talk

“Kristina’s presence was a breath of fresh air that invigorated our discussions and brought our thinking to a whole new level!”
Robert Baines

CD, MA, President, NATO Association of Canada

Kristina’s NATO Talk – 16 minutes